Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Part #3 of's interview with Mark Pinter (ex-Grant, AW; ex-Brian, ATWT; ex-Mark, GL):

AWT: Another World went off the air almost ten years ago, so did Sunset Beach, almost right after. Passions, the show that replaced AW, was canceled, too. Port Charles ended in 2007, and now CBS has dropped Guiding Light.

MP: It’s a tough, tough time for television and for daytime television, that’s for sure. It’s a sad, sad thing when a show like Guiding Light goes off the air. I spent three years of my life on that show, and it’s got such a rich history. When that show goes off the air, I will think about the people who I met on that show and my many, many dear friends who are still on that show and I hate that they’re going through this. I hate that they’re going to have to go through the next three months and have to go through that final day. It is an awful, awful, terrible thing. It’s a death.

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