Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We received a request below to find out which episodes our Emmy-nominated actors submitted this year.

For Guiding Light:

EJ Bonilla (Rafe) - After scenes with Buzz, Rafe realizes he has to be a man and take the plea, even though it means going to prison. Rafe convinces Natalia he's doing the right thing and wants her to stop trying to fix his life and start living hers.

Jeff Branson (Shayne) - Shayne wants Jeffrey to help him get back to Afghanistan, but Jeffrey reveals to Shayne that Reva's cancer is back. Reva and Shayne have a heart to heart, but Reva still can't get Shayne to open up. Episode ends with Shayne parked on the railroad tracks.

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) - Bill and Ava's wedding. Bill learns the baby isn't his from Lizzie, but tells Ava they're going to get married anyway and he will raise this baby as his own.

Stay tuned for info from As The World Turns!

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RakeshR said...

Thanks for these. Can you post the air dates of these episodes? This way, I can watch and judge them myself. Thanks!