Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Coming up, only on As The World Turns.


newcrusader2002 said...

Thanks for the spoiler pics!

Why does Emily always look like she's heading to a cocktail party?

And Granny Lu! Yippee! That hired muscle better watch out! She's rip him to shreads with her sharp tongue!

kathylul said...

Consider this your kiss GOOD-BYE Dusty!! ;)

Westbrook said...

WooHoo more kisses between Meg and Dusty. These two are great together and have much more chemistry than Peg ever had! ATWT keep these two together!

pegfan4ever said...

@ Westbrook
I don't agree with you. Dusty and Meg don't have any chemistry together. Peg definetly have much chemistry. You only have to watch RH and MW outside the show for 5 seconds and you already know.