Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Part #2 of our interview with Mark Pinter (Grant), here.

Plus, from the Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, West Virginia:

So what’s coming up in the series? “I will only know when the fans tell me,” Adams said. However, she did say that the two key stories were launched in this week’s premiere episode. The first is Grant’s fight for custody of Kirkland. This will push Jamie and Marley, who were a popular couple in 1991, together.

The other story involves Cass and Lila and the mystery surrounding Felicia, Dean and Jenna’s disappearance. “Dean and Jenna are heavily featured in the 1991 episodes, so we’ll be using the past clips to illuminate the present day story.” Adams teases that the mystery will be solved through the clips. “All the clues are in the past.” Another mystery that will be solved is Jenna’s parentage, which was never resolved on the show....

Adams also told me that Linda Dano, who played Felicia, suggested bringing Lucas, Felicia’s great love, back to life. “The actors themselves have ideas, which is great,” Adams told me.

Read the entire article, here.

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Gabrielle said...

I hate to say it but having Cass still paired with Lila already has this project starting off on the wrong foot. Bringing Frankie back should have been a priority before Another World left the air in 1999 and it should be a priority now. Any AW fan worth her(or his) salt wants Cass with Frankie and knows that there's no way Winthrop would have been putting up with Lila and her "shenanigans" for the past ten years. AWToday has an opportunity to right the greatest wrong in Another World's 35 year history. Mary Frances Frame fans unite! Dream it, believe it, make it so.....Frankie lives!