Friday, October 06, 2006


Get a sneak peak at the revised edition's new cover, plus what another book (coming November 2006 to a bookstore near you!) will mean to the good people of Oakdale, here.


PeytonPlace said...

The book news sounds great, but I was wondering if you guys are ever going to release your soaps on DVD? Daytime soaps are the only genre (sans Dark Shadows) that hasn't gotten any DVD releases.

I know there are too many episodes to do complete sets, but what about "Best of the 60s," "Best of the 90s," etc.? For the existing soaps you have most of the same cast members around who could commentary so thats easy extras. It's great having this cable channel, but not everyone can watch things online.

I also have another question...

What are the chances we're going to see episodes of the other older soaps? I know there aren't complete sets from the 50s-70s, but a flashback here and there would be nice.

I think I'd also keel over if you ever showed an episode of Our Private World, ATWT's primetime spin-off and CBS' answer to Peyton Place. Many fear it's been destroyed, but since it's a primetime series I'm keeping my fingers crossed there are episodes sitting in a vault somewhere.

Would also be great to see Return To Peyton Place if yall have that.

Thanks for all of this btw! It's great to see you guys giving back to the soap fans! We've been so neglected so this is quite the treat.

fellista said...

Hi, my name is Danny and I used to have problems getting my dog under my control. In fact, I lost all self confidence at some stage and

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Dear Peyton Place -

I have passed all your questions over to TPTB and will keep you posted!

Thanks for writing and for your feedback!