Saturday, July 13, 2019

How To Apply Your Kids To School In NYC: The Soap Opera

I didn’t always write about education.

Once upon a time, I wrote books - romances, mysteries, non-fiction. I
also worked in soap operas - ABC Daytime, Procter & Gamble
Productions, the Daytime Emmy Awards.

But then I had children. And I applied those children to schools in New York
City. And I found out how difficult it was. And I decided to help other parents,
this time by writing books about getting into NYC Kindergarten and NYC High School.

But I still loved the soaps. Because I always have to find out: What
happens next?

Little did I know that educational consulting would provide the same
level of suspense. 

I can meet with families and we can come up with a list of public, charter,
dual language, gifted & talented, zoned, unzoned, parochial and independent
schools for them to apply to. I can provide an online calculator to help them
figure out the best date for their children to take the Gifted &Talented, Hunter,
and private school tests. Together, we wait to find out where they get placed
for General Education Kindergarten, for their G&T/Hunter score, for the lottery
that will decide their child’s future.

And then the wait-lists! Talk about daytime drama! It can go on for months!