Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Clayton Prince played Reuben on Another World from 1988-1990.

Read Part #1 and Part #2 of our Where Are They Now interview series with him at the links.

These days, Prince is in the news for claiming that Lee Daniels stole his idea for what became Empire.

I didn't give the accusation much credence initially. After all, Empire is basically King Lear and/or The Lion in the Winter set in the musical world. It's hardly an original idea. Execution is where you draw a distinction.

But when Prince claimed that his version, of which Daniels allegedly saw both a script and a pilot, featured a middle-aged, white doctor misdiagnosing the patriarch of the family... things got interesting. (That doctor, by the way, on Empire, was played by Jennifer Joan Taylor, who'd been Chris on The Edge of Night.)

That would be a hell of a coincidence.

Read what Prince has to say about it and more, here.