Tuesday, September 09, 2014


I write romance novels and women's fiction (plus Figure Skating mysteries but, for the purpose of this post, lets ignore them for now).

Romance novels and women's fiction have sex scenes in them.

When I started my live writing project at http://alinaadamsmedia.com/live/, I promised readers the chance to watch me type every word, every sentance, every paragraph; edits, deletions, dead ends, sex scenes and all.

Yup, I specifically promised sex scenes. (As I wrote on Romance Junkies, they really help grab a reader's attention.)

Yesterday, the time had finally come for my first one. With the software I'm using to live write, I can see when/if someone is watching.

Usually, I have no problem writing when someone is watching. In fact, that's kind of the point of this exercise.

Yesterday, it was time to really dive in (as it were) to the sex scene. I noticed that someone was watching.  And I froze.

Usually, I don't believe in writer's block. I just force myself to keep writing, muscle through, then go back and edit later. (The sad part is, in my experience, when you reread, the scenes that felt like they were flowing via divine inspiration and the ones you had to sweat blood just to give birth to sound exactly the same.)

But, this time, I couldn't do it. I've written in the past about my kids reading my sex scenes. I'm not too thrilled at the thought of my parents doing it, either. I'm pretty sure the people on with me yesterday were total strangers. But, nevertheless, I froze.

My personal motto is to do at least one thing I'm afraid of every day. It's character building (and rather unpleasant, if truth be told). Today, that thing is going to be writing that damn sex scene - while being watched.

Will I be able to do it? Will it be sexy? Will it even be readable? Stop by and find out at: http://alinaadamsmedia.com/live/

Heckling is optional.

Though understandable.

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