Monday, July 21, 2014


This past weekend, in honor of Dick Button's birthday, I offered a Buy One/Get One Free Deal on my Figure Skating Mystery novels. Now, I am happy to report that all five titles will be available FREE to borrow via Amazon's new program, Kindle Unlimited, where readers can read as many books they like a month, all for the same price (in even better news, the service is offering a FREE one-month trial).

All five Figure Skating Mystery novels were originally released as paperback originals by Berkley Prime Crime. But, once the technology became available, they were turned into enhanced e-books, with professional skating videos courtesy of The Ice Theatre of NY performing my characters' routines.

Why just read about skating when you can watch it as part of the story?

Nothing like this has ever been done before, and I hope all skating fans - not to mention mystery novel fans - will check out this cutting edge multimedia experience, especially now that it's FREE!

Click on the links below to get your books!


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