Monday, June 23, 2014


Last week, in soapland, Paul, played by Doug Davidson on The Young & the Restless, barely clung to life, despite being a thirty-something year veteran of the show, their longest-running cast-member and a 2013 Daytime Emmy winner. And despite the fact that nobody really dies on soaps.

Sure, over on Days of Our Lives, the talk of the town is still Gabi killing Nick. This time. Not the previous time.  When she, Sami and Kate only thought they'd killed him by smashing him on the head with a rock and dumping him in the river. But, like Sami said, "Who knew a dead man would be such a good swimmer?"

On General Hospital, the viewers (if not all the citizens of Port Charles) know that Ric is only faking his death to protect his family from the mob (the bad mob, run by Fake Luke, a.k.a. Fluke; and not the good mob, run by Sonny).  Meanwhile, on The Bold & the Beautiful, Ridge, who was presumed dead after falling out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf, has been found, albeit a bit loopy and confused about which woman, exactly, he's in love with.  To be fair, that's been Ridge's state of mind since B&B premiered in 1987.

But if you think coming back from the dead is strange and unnatural, check out these Top 10 Most Bizarre Soap Opera Deaths (some of which even stuck... well, so far...):

Go to for the list, and rest assured, as a 30+ year soap fan, I didn't just include soaps still on the air, but also ones Gone But Not Forgotten.

See if your favorite is mentioned and, if not, add it in the Comments!

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