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I've shared how I'm back in the soap game, writing for and

One of my recent posts featured a poll asking viewers which Eileen Davidson character they preferred.

Find out the answer at this link.

And read my interview with Eileen talking about her multi-character Days Of Our Lives run, below!

This post originally ran on June 22, 2012

Monday: Julia Barr (Brooke; All My Children)

Tuesday: Linda Dano (Felicia; Another World)

Wednesday: Michael Malone (Headwriter; One Life to Live

Thursday: Susan Dansby (Scriptwriter, As the World Turns)

The rule of thumb in daytime - usually - is: Play a dual role, win an Emmy.

It worked for David Canary.  And Julianne Moore.  And Anne Heche.  And Ellen Wheeler.  And Martha Byrne.

Days of our Lives' Eileen Davidson did not win.  But, then again, she was not playing a dual role.

In 1998, Eileen played Kristin DiMera.  And Susan Banks.  And Sister Mary Moira.  And Penelope.  And Thomas.

For all of whom she received her first Daytime Emmy nomination.

Eileen Davidson: As a lead actress who’d always been known as a dramatic actress, it was just such a hoot for me, and so freeing to just let go and have fun.  I had a tape recorder and I would read the scene and turn it off when the character I was supposed to be talked.  I ran lines that way.  The major way that I knew it was working was because the crew was laughing, and I was laughing, we were cracking up all the time. 

They worked me to death.  I was at the end of my contract, I was going to leave after the first year I played Susan. And they asked me to stay an additional year to finish off the storyline, so I did.  James (Reilly; Headwriter) actually ended apologizing to me at the end of it.  He knew he’d worked me sixteen-hour days, Saturdays, I was really exhausted.  He apologized to me.  He said he couldn’t help it, he felt inspired by me.  He had no reason to apologize, it was a great, great, great thing for me.

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