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 Michael Park, who won two Emmys for playing Jack on As the World Turns, and appeared in the Tony-award winning revival of How to Succeed in Business... is coming to a big screen near you!

Park appears in Supercapitalist, a movie shot on three continents about an Asian-American financial whiz kid sent to Hong Kong to close a deal.  I can only presume that wackiness ensues.

Catch a glimpse of Michael in the trailer below:

Want to learn more about Supercapitalist?  The producers are generously offering a private screening in NYC and a Q&A with Michael afterwards.

If interested in attending, go to: http://www.facebook.com/WorldTurnsTV and register your support!

In the meantime, enjoy a flashback below to my interview with Emmy-Award winner Susan Dansby, describing the day she directed Jack and Carly's first kiss on ATWT!

Originally published on March 7, 2012


Yesterday, SoapClassics.com, which earlier released an As the World Turns boxed set, a Guiding Light boxed set (check out the two show value pack by clicking on the link below), a Reva compilation, and an ATWT Christmas special, announced a Carly and Jack 10 episode edition.

In honor of this gift to daytime fans, we visit with Emmy-award winner Susan Dansby, who recalls directing Carly and Jack's first kiss:

I had been fired from my directing job on Port Charles; and, though I made many claims to the contrary, took a real hit to the ego.  My agent arranged for me to direct three episodes of As the World Turns – which was kind of inconvenient. I lived in LA and ATWT shot in New York. But I figured it was worth the airfare to prove to myself I still had serious directing chops – hopefully.

On one of those three days, I was lucky enough to direct Maura West and Michael Park having one of their first on-screen kisses (the ice cream scenes at the cabin in Montana).
During the dress rehearsal, Michael was playing Jack as "nice guy." So, when I went out to the studio floor to give notes, I suggested to him that Carly was throwing down a challenge; and rather than running from it (as Carly anticipated), Jack's G-man persona would come to the fore and give Carly (in the form of a toe-curling kiss) WAY more than she – or I – expected. I still remember that kiss. Have mercy!
I fell in love that day with Michael and Maura. With their skill as actors, and their willingness to play in the creative process.
Read more from Susan, including how she also ended up writing Carly and Jack's brutal break-up in 2006, in Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments Enhanced E-book:

Also available at Barnes & Noble.

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