Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Man From Oakdale, the ATWT tie-in novel by Henry Coleman and Alina Adams, won the International Association of Media Tie-In Writer's SCRIBE Award for Best Novel (General Fiction), beating out CSI and PSYCH!

It was ATWT's first win and second nomination, after Oakdale Confidential in 2007.

Accepting the award, co-author Alina Adams thanked As The World Turns, Executive Producer Christopher Goutman, Headwriter Jean Passanante, Director of Creative Development Amy Handelsman, TeleNext Media and actors Trent Dawson (Henry) and Ewa da Cruz (Vienna) for making their character voices so easy (if somewhat disturbing) to hear in her head during the writing process.

The Man From Oakdale is currently available on Amazon.com as a hardback, a large-print edition and, for a limited time only, as a bargain book. Buy it through http://www.anotherworldtoday.com/aw_today.html (you may need to scroll down on some browsers in order to click on the cover).

Watch the book trailer, starring Trent Dawson, here:

Other soap-related happenings at Comic-Con:

Dark Shadows stars Lara Parker and Kathryn Leigh Scott.

And signing autographs: Paula Garces (Pilar, GL), Wally Kurth (Sam, ATWT; Justin, DOOL; Ned, GH), Kevin Schmidt (Noah, Y&R), Danielle Harris (Sami, OLTL), Patrick Duffy (Stephen, B&B; Bobby, DALLAS), Morgan Fairchild (Jennifer, SFT), Richard Hatch (Phil, AMC), Erin Gray (Nicole, PC), and Cindy Morgan (Gabrielle, FC).


Derek said...

Congratulations to Alina on your award, Thanks for making all of Another World's fans happy with your ongoing chronicles of Bay City life in the 21st century. Please keep up with posting all these fun tidbits on former P&G cast members. It is so sad that the P&G daytime soap opera is coming to an end. You could have you very own 24-7 network on-line to run all of your classic soaps. Who needs broadcast networks anymore?

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