Monday, February 02, 2009


Fiona Hutchison returns to Guiding Light on Monday, February 9 as Jenna Bradshaw Cooper to reconnect with the love of her life, Buzz (Justin Deas).

Jenna initially hit Springfield in 1992 as a jewel thief looking to retrieve a brooch Harley had inadvertently gotten her hands on. Next, Jenna robbed the Spauldings and was on her way out of town when a blackout trapped her in an elevator with little Michelle Bauer. Instead of taking off like she'd planned, Jenna stayed to comfort the frightened child and ended up being arrested by Mallet. (Of course, a bit of luster was scraped off Jenna's good deed when Harley discovered the missing jewels stashed in Michelle's clothing, IMHO.)

To avoid deportation, Jenna set out to prove that she had an American father. Jenna was thrilled (Vanessa less so) when Henry Chamberlin stepped up to accept the position. But it turned out he was only doing so in order to hide the real truth -- that Spaulding Enterprises (of which Henry was a board member) had swindled Jenna's actual father out of millions.

With new lover Roger Thorpe egging her on, Jenna sued and won control of Spaulding! Roger, however, was keeping a secret himself -- he'd found a document which proved Jenna's father wasn't swindled, after all. But why dwell on the past?

Jenna met Buzz while she was married to Roger and the attraction was instantaneous. After Roger's fraud was exposed, Jenna lost Spaulding and got rid Thorpe (she did, however, keep her father/daughter relationship with Henry, and even eventually befriended Vanessa).

Though Jenna and Buzz were in love, Jenna knew that he still had feelings for his ex-wife, Nadine. When Buzz and Nadine remarried so that they could win money on a newlywed game show, Jenna assumed they had reunited for real and left town without telling Buzz she was pregnant.

She gave birth to a son in 1994 and named him Henry Cooper Bradshaw.

Two years later, Jenna and her new husband, fellow thief Jeffrey Morgan, returned to Springfield, with baby Coop in tow. The allegedly upstanding Coopers promptly framed Jeffrey and sent him off to prison. Buzz and Jenna reunited and he agreed to raise the baby she was now carrying (Jeffrey's), as his own.

Jenna's second son, Ian Stavros Cooper (aka Rocky) was born moments after she and Buzz wed. But when Jeffrey returned to claim his son, Jenna deliberately crashed the car they were driving in, killing herself and Jeffrey, and leaving Buzz to raise their two boys on his own.

Buzz swore that he would. And then sent them off to live with Jenna's family in England.

Since then, a ghostly Jenna returned on Mother's Day 2006 to guide the now grown Coop in his dilemma about marrying Lizzie Spaulding (he didn't). She also voiced the opinion that Olivia was no good for Buzz and that Buzz should stay away from her (he did -- eventually).

What wisdom will Jenna have for her loved ones this time around? Tune into GL next week and find out!