Thursday, December 11, 2008


As The World Turns' Henry Coleman has always occupied a slightly different Oakdale from everyone else (one more debonair, witty and civilized -- with a scheduled martini hour).

Finally, the self-proclaimed man about town has put pen to paper and written a novel about how life in the ol' 'Dale would and could and should be -- if only Henry were in charge.

On December 22, Maggie Crawford, Vice President and Editorial Director of Simon & Schuster, guest-stars as herself to help Henry make his publishing dreams come true. (Crawford is pictured above with actors Trent Dawson and Ewa da Cruz, and Amy Handelsman, Director of Writer and Creative Development at TeleNext Media.)

Then, on January 6, 2009, the entire world can partake in Henry's vision for a new and improved reality when his book, The Man From Oakdale, goes on sale in bookstores everywhere.

To read what Henry has to say about his magnum opus -- in his own words, click here!


schiffeg68 said...

EEEE!! Henry wrote a book about Paul! Can't wait for this and how life would be according to Henry Coleman.

Oakdalian said...

That's a nice fast track to success, in this economy. We never knew Henry wanted to write so much as his own signature, and now he has a book coming out. If characters like Paul had careers, they wouldn't have time for their illogical plots.

Soap Lover said...

I can't wait to read the book. I enjoyed reading Oakdale Confidential so I'm glad we're getting another ATWT book.

Doop said...

If there are any, could you post the promotional photos from Paul's dream sequence in Wednesday's episode (with Meg, Craig, and Dusty)?

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