Monday, December 17, 2007


Eighty New York City school children from P.S. 197 and P. S 92 joined actresses Molly Ringwald ("Pretty In Pink"); Laura Bell Bundy (Broadway's "Legally Blonde"); Beth Ehlers (CBS-TV's daytime drama "The Guiding Light") and television news personality Vivian Lee, of WNBC-TV News to help children's book creator Christian Hainsworth, president of Winning Kids Inc., introduce his innovative 14-book series of Traveling™ .

Read the entire story, here.

(Ed. note: Laura Bell Bundy is also a GL vet, having played the first teen-aged Marah)


Paul Gosselin said...

Didn't Lauren C. Mayhew play the first 'teenage' Marah (even though she didn't last too long)?

Alina Adams said...

I think of Lauren as pre-teen Marah. You're not a real teen on soaps unless you have a star-crossed romance -- and your parents getting married and divorced and remarried don't count. ;)

Paul Gosselin said...

haha... yes excellent point...

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