Thursday, February 22, 2007


Though they both grew up in Springfield, Rick Bauer and Phillip Spaulding didn't become friends until 1982, when rich boy Phillip transferred from Lincoln Prep to Springfield High School. Phillip's dad, Alan, gave Phillip a flashy sportscar and new buddy Rick promptly hopped behind the wheel for a joy-ride. When the cops stopped them for speeding, Phillip quickly switched places with Rick, who wasn't carrying his driver's license, and took the rap.

That summer, Phillip and Rick befriended a couple of new arrivals to Springfield. Spoiled rich girl Mindy Lewis, who instantly set her cap for Phillip, and shy, secretive Beth Raines, whom Rick favored. The happy quartet called themselves "The Four Musketeers," and even went to the Senior Prom together, where, even though they were there with other people, Phillip and Beth were named King & Queen.

Afterward, unable to stay away from each other, Phillip and Beth snuck away during Mindy's eighteenth birthday party, and declared their love. Unfortunately, Beth's vengeful stepfather, Bradley Raines, followed the teens and maliciously spilled the beans about Alan not being Phillip's biological father. Hurt to discover that Rick had known the truth about his parentage all along, Phillip struck back at his friend by telling Rick about his secret tryst with Beth.

But Phillip's Daddy issues soon took a backseat to Beth's. One night, the horrified teen was raped by her stepfather. To protect her, Phillip spirited Beth away to New York City. As Bradley pursued the lovebirds, it was Mindy and Rick to the rescue!

As soon as they found the runaway couple, that is...

Was the Four Musketeers' New York adventure GL's Greatest Moment ever? Watch a clip on and vote!

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