Thursday, December 27, 2012


A lot of fun was had on Twitter last night when, in response to rumors that General Hospital's Steve Burton would be joining the cast of The Young & the Restless (where former GH Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps is now running things), Y&R star Eric Braeden (Victor) tweeted that he honestly had no idea who Steven Burton was.

Let's set aside that both GH and Y&R are taped in L.A.  Let's set aside that they've been attending the same Daytime Emmys (and pre-Emmy functions) for easily the past 20 years together.

Let's focus on the fact that both Eric Braeden and Steven Burton won their Daytime Emmy Awards in 1998, Burton for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Braeden for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Now, I was working those Emmys, and I do remember that Braeden wasn't there to pick up his statue in person.  But, can we assume that he at least watched the ceremony from wherever he was?

And if he was too busy too watch, surely he must have taped it, no?

So I guess one thing we can surmise is that Eric Braeden must have fast-forwarded through the entire show only to see his part.  (As he once said himself on yet another telecast during a tribute to Bill Bell, "God Bless Eric Braeden.")

Not a problem.

Here's what - and who - he missed.

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