Monday, December 17, 2012


The message to Rachel Hutchins from Chase Hamilton consisted of a single word: Ditto.

It was in direct reply to the email she’d sent him weeks earlier, encouraging Chase to turn on KBAY-TV and watch Grant’s live press conference announcing his bid for Mayor and playing the recording of Chase and Lila.

Rachel knew she’d inevitably regret it.  But, best get whatever it was Chase thought he had on her over with.  She trudged over to the TV and turned it on with a preemptive, mournful sigh.  Just in time to be greeted with Mayor Hamilton's smug, preening visage. 

Chase talked a little bit about his distinguished opponent, Mr. Harrison.  And then he introduced his guest for the afternoon… Sarah Matthews-Wheeler.


Bay City gets the scoop on Grant and Sarah, prompting Donna to take matters into her own hands, and Rachel to make a threat.  Meanwhile, Jamie makes a heartfelt confession to the wrong person, Kirkland tries to get an answer from Charlie, and Frankie and Cass' latest plan finally succeeds... A little too well.

Tis the week before Christmas and all through the house - things are a mess:

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