Monday, December 24, 2012


“You cheated on Aunt Marley.  How could you do that?”

“That’s adult business, Michele,” Marley interjected.  “Not yours.”

“Sarah was our friend,” Bridget said quietly.  “I mean, I thought she was our friend.  I thought she was your friend, too, Aunt Marley.”

“So did I,” Marley confessed.

“And you were supposed to love Aunt Marley.  You said you loved her,” Michele reminded.  “You said you loved all of us.”

“I do,” Grant stuck to the facts.

“We’re not little kids, you know,” Michele said.  “Just because you treat us that way, doesn’t mean we don’t understand stuff.  We’re almost thirteen.  We know where babies come from.”

“How could you do that with Sarah?” Bridget demanded.

“I never meant to hurt anyone.”  Again, the god’s truth.  “I made an error in judgment that, more than anything, I wish I could take back and undo.  I’ve explained as much to your Aunt Marley, and she, in her infinite generosity, has agreed to try and forgive me.”

“Well, sure, yeah, that’s what she does, isn’t it?” Michele snapped.  “Forgive people who hurt her?  Like our dad?”


Christmas with the Harrisons, Corys and Matthews isn't exactly Peace on Earth/Goodwill To Men.  Fa la la la la la...

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