Monday, December 10, 2012


“Grant,” Marley made up her mind, turning her head, opening the door and calling over her shoulder.  “You have a visitor.”

He came downstairs.  And saw Sarah.  For a long, long, seemingly endless moment, the two merely stared at each other.  It was finally up to Marley to break the silence.

She said, “Apparently, Sarah didn’t believe your telling her to leave you alone.  And she didn’t believe my telling her to leave you alone.  Turns out, she is quite the glutton for punishment.  Sarah wants to hear it again.  Perhaps in stereo.”

Sarah clarified, “What you said, Grant, before, about not wanting me or the baby… That was… Marley didn’t know then.  You wanted to protect her.  I wanted to protect her, too.  But, it’s all different now.  She knows.  She knows it’s your baby.”

“I don’t know that,” Grant finished descending the stairs.  And pointedly passed by Sarah to stand by Marley’s side.  “Didn’t you just claim that Steven was also a candidate?”

“I – I only said that because…. Because Marley was there.  And I didn’t want to… You know Steven and I haven’t… not for a long time.  Not since you and I – “

There was definitely one memory lane Grant didn’t want Sarah going down.  He’d been deliberately vague with timelines when talking to Marley, and he intended to keep it that way.  Better to let her believe his had been a one-time slip up, rather than months of infidelity, both before Grant’s marriage to Marley, and after.  “I don’t know anything, Sarah.  I can’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth now.  If Steven couldn’t possibly be the father, why would he accept responsibility?”


Sarah says her piece to Marley and Grant, and get more than the bargained for in return.  Iris get her way, but not in the way she expects.  Amanda pleads with Alice to change Kevin's mind while Steven makes a confession to Jen.  Frankie and Cass take a desperate gamble, and Allie stands up to GQ.

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