Monday, December 17, 2012


Thank you to Mystery File for reviewing Murder on Ice, the first book in my Figure Skating Mystery series:

What sport is more open to corruption (in terms of the judging) than figure ice skating? In terms of inside information, there is no one more likely to know than Alina Adams, also known in the real world as figure-skating expert Alina Sivorinovsky.

   Here’s a quote from page 3:

   …in only ten days of competition, they’d already seen eleven hysterical meltdowns, eight formal complaint about biased judging, seven countercomplaints about biased refereeing, five screaming matches, four out-and-out fistfights, two reporters getting their credentials pulled, and one arrest (disturbing the peace; Belgium’s ice skater decided to celebrate his bronze medal by doing a naked Yankee polka on the roof).

   And this was all even before the Italian judge turned up dead.

This, though, is probably my favorite line from the entire review:

Adams also has a light touch that you could either find very amusing or wince at very easily.

Yeah.... I've heard that one before.  And not just about my books, either.

I gather I'm an acquired taste.

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