Thursday, December 20, 2012


“Go away, Iris," Grant advised.  "I’ve explained myself to the only people who matter: my wife and my son.  I don’t owe you anything.”

“Do you honestly think you can seduce my granddaughter – “

“Trust me, Grandma, if there was any seduction going on, your precious chip off the old block was the one initiating it, not me.”

“Because you are simply that irresistible?”

“So I’ve been told.”

“You’re a politician, Grant, surely you know puffery when you hear it.  It is, after all, your stock in trade.”

“And you’re a bitch, Iris, surely you know when to crawl away and die alone like a proper junkyard dog.”

Her eyes widened.  Not because Iris was shocked at the insult – she’d heard much, much worse; not to mention dished out a great deal more clever – but because of the coarseness with which Grant uttered it.  Truly, she’d never seen him so upset.  He wasn’t even making a token attempt to appear in control or above it all.  And that intrigued her to no end.


Grant receives Hell about his relationship with Sarah from Kirkland, Iris... and a surprise visitor.  Cass and Frankie finally understand the consequences of their rash actions, Felicia tells Jamie the last thing he expected to hear, and Morgan has a spot of advice for Amanda.

Tis the night before Christmas in Bay City:

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