Friday, February 19, 2010



Mindy and Rick spent the long President's Day weekend talking through their options about adopting a baby (thought Mindy didn't mention that Phillip had advised against it).

Mindy wondered if the reason Rick was pushing her so hard to adopt now (despite her less than optimal current mental state, thanks to Billy) was because he wanted to make up for his less than perfect relationships with Leah and Jude.

Rick said that wasn't it and, instead, told Mindy about the Bauer family legacy. None of them were perfect people, none of them were perfect parents (not even Bert!). But they all tried their best. Being a Bauer means getting up after being knocked down. Again and again and again. Yes, things were difficult now for Mindy. But they could work through this. They could make it. They could be a real family. Rick's been dreaming of having a family with Mindy for over a quarter of a century! (Way to butter up a girl, Rick; compare her age to the century....)

Mindy thought about what he'd said, and about all the other less than perfect Springfield parents - Alan, Alex, Blake, Holly, Phillip, Beth, Buzz, Reva, Carmen.... and realized that the bar wasn't set that high! Maybe she and Rick could do this after all, no matter what crisis was also going on in their life!

She told him to go ahead, tell their lawyer that they were ready to meet with the birth mother who'd picked them. (For some details that Mindy doesn't know about Allie Fowler - but which could have major repercussions for the Bauers down the road, go to:

And then Mindy went to speak to Billy.

He wasn't home; Vanessa was. Vanessa didn't presume to understand what Mindy was feeling, but she did tell her that, as someone who'd given up a child, she would have been thrilled if Dinah had been raised by a loving parent like Billy Lewis.

For Mindy's confrontation with Billy, go to: and help Guide the Light!

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Reading the daily tweets is so fun....and it's much more like watching GL if only for a few minutes a day!