Monday, February 01, 2010


Death did not become Cecile DePoulignac.

There were no people to taunt, no strawberries and chocolate to enjoy, no beautiful Chanel dresses to frolic around in, and no men to...well... pass the time with, as she was forced to witness the abominable aftermath that was her untimely and tragic death.

Not that there wasn't much to be observed from her rather lofty position in...wherever she currently was (but the fact that she was looking down had to be a good sign, right?). Thankfully, the citizens of Bay City presented Cecile with a myriad of fascinating tableaus as they sat down with their breakfasts for the morning news, be it delivered by printed paper, television or Internet.

Grant Harrison's cigar falling out of his mouth and into his bacon and eggs as he took in the morning's headline set a rather comical tone for the proceedings. Cecile was hoping for more of that.

Unfortunately, Felicia Gallant had to get hysterical, shaking her white, goose-feather impaled dressing gown sleeves and all but swooning like one of her typically underwritten romance-novel heroines (Cecile may have skimmed a tome here and there just for a laugh), leaving poor bumbling Lucas to hover around uselessly with the metaphorical smelling salts.

Then dim-bulb Jamie (what had Cecile ever seen in that boy? Oh, yes, his stepfather's money did manage to briefly paper over a multitude of sins) had gone on and on and on with the impotent platitudes as cow-eyed Marley hung from his arm, mooing and braying her misery.

Meanwhile, at the Cory mansion, Rachel and Carl (Cecile wondered if she were now in a position to track down dear, doddering Mac and get his opinion on that pairing) were having a most interesting discussion. Cecile did so enjoy being talked about.

Throughout the pathetically, irreparably provincial, wakening small town known as Bay City, assorted citizens were finding themselves entirely unprepared for the brand new world they had awoken to.

But not, to Cecile's eternal humiliation and rage, due to the shocking news of her aforementioned untimely and utterly unwarranted demise....

* * *

Marley rails at Donna, Allie throws GQ's words back at him, Carl plays puppet-master, Sarah receives unwanted advice, Felicia loses control, Gregory gets a visit from his father, and Lorna comes to an uncomfortable realization.

Plus a classic clip of Donna experiencing self-awareness!

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