Monday, February 08, 2010


A hand clamped around Donna's throat, shoving her backwards against the headboard.

"Feel that?" Lorna asked conversationally, almost pleasantly, as if she really were soliciting Donna's opinion. "Trying to breathe while your throat's closing up? Trying to get just a little bit of air into your lungs, but you can't?" Lorna leaned in, lest Donna miss a word of the point she was trying to make. "Now imagine feeling this way with a baby inside of you. Knowing that everything you're feeling, she's feeling. If you can't breathe, neither can she. If you're dying, so is she."

Still holding Donna by the throat, Lorna wrenched her from the bed and pulled her to face a nearby mirror.

"I know it's hard to make out in this light, but your lips are starting to turn blue," Lorna continued after a few very, very long seconds, during which Donna writhed in an attempt to get away. "Your eyes are bulging out, maybe even bursting a capillary or two. That's what happened to Jenna. This is exactly what she felt. Not just for a couple of minutes, but for days, weeks, while you had her locked up."

Desperate, Donna flailed her arms, looking for something she could grab to use as a weapon. Blurred yellow flashes bobbed in front of her eyes. She wondered if she were about to pass out.

"Oh, no, you don't!" Lorna ordered, the pressure around Donna's throat suddenly gone. "You're going to be awake for what I have planned for you... "

* * *

Amanda loses patience with her daughter - and her mother, Jasmine gets her heart broken, Jamie and Matt square off, and Kevin helps Allie skirt the law.

Plus, Lorna and Jenna go head-to-head in a classic AW clip from 1992.

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Derek said...

The We Love Soaps site features a number of Procter & Gamble legends in their overview of the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time.

Here is a rough list of actresses with major stints on a P&G show. You may wish to profile having so many placements on this list. Others on the list briefly played roles on your soaps (e.g. Marcy Walker on GL):

46. Helen Wagner, ATWT
43. Denise Alexander, AW
42. Sharon Gabet, EON, AW
34. Anne Heche, AW
31. Lisa Brown, GL, ATWT
30. Victoria Wyndham, GL, AW
29. Maura West, ATWT
28. Mary Kay Adams, GL, ATWT
23. Constance Ford, AW
22. Charita Bauer, GL
18. Maureen Garrett, GL
15. Elizabeth Hubbard, ATWT
14. Linda Dano, AW
13. Mary Stuart, SFT
8. Crystal Chappell, GL
5. Robin Strasser, AW
4. Beverlee McKinsey, AW, Texas,GL
2. Kim Zimmer, GL