Friday, February 12, 2010



Before Mindy could tell Rick what she'd learned from Billy about her past, he interrupted to tell her that Kevin Fowler had called from Bay City - a birth mother wanted to meet with them about adopting her unborn baby! (To find out why this girl really picked Rick and Mindy, go to:

Rick wondered why Mindy wasn't jumping up and down at the news, prompting her to confess about Billy. Rick listened, then told Mindy that he realized it was a huge shock, but Billy was still her parent, the same way Maureen was Michelle's, Marina is Henry's and, God help them all, Alan was Phillip's.

But Mindy wasn't so sure, and wondered how she could swear to the birth mother that she would love her baby with all her heart, even if it wasn't biologically theirs, when Mindy couldn't currently say the same about Billy.

Mindy told Rick she didn't feel ready to tackle an adoption right now, but Rick insisted they go through with it. Who knew when they might get another chance?

Rick reminded Mindy that 25 years ago, he was willing to marry her and raise Phillip's baby as his own. She can thank him for that now by forgiving Billy... and by going ahead and starting a family with Rick.

Confused, Mindy went to see Phillip, figuring he'd understand exactly what she was going through. Phillip did, reassuring Mindy that she was still herself, no matter what, and that Billy still loved her; he was still her Daddy.

However, when Mindy asked Phillip if he thought she and Rick should go ahead with their adoption, Phillip advised against it. He confessed that his children always came second in his life. He always had something else going on - Beth, Alan, work - while they were growing up, and he wasn't there when they needed him. Phillip regretted all the years he'd missed with Lizzie, James, Zach and Emma, and he wished he could go back and start all over. But he couldn't.

Mindy asked, "You think if Rick and I were to adopt now, I wouldn't be able to give 100% to the baby, because of what's going on with Daddy?"

I can't answer that for you, Mindy. I can only tell you what happened with me. You have to make that decision for yourself. With Rick."

Oh, fine, Mindy tweeted. Be that way. Full of advice, but only until I ask a direct question, and then it's, "You have to make that decision for yourself." Some friend he turned out to be. I'm in no shape to be making decisions now. And Rick's hardly a disinterested party. What do you all think?

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