Thursday, February 04, 2010


When Rachel checked with Spencer's hotel, she was informed that Mr. Harrison had moved out. He had apparently decided to open up his former home and make his stay in Bay City a bit more permanent.

"Fantastic," was all Rachel really had to say to that.

It got even better when she knocked on his door and was greeted by Spencer himself — with Alice hovering in the background.

Rachel told him, "The evidence against Donna that the police found in Cecile's hotel room, it was all the same pieces that you gave me months ago."

"Perhaps you should be more careful where you put your things," Spencer suggested.

"My copies are still in my safe. Did you give that information to Cecile?"

"I hardly knew the woman."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"What motives could I possibly have had for exposing my... business dealings to the outside world?"

"You wanted to hurt Carl," Rachel grasped at straws.

"At my own expense?"

"No one can trace those documents back to you, you made sure of that."

"But why take the risk? Especially for no visible reward. Carl was the motive for Donna's actions, not a co-conspirator. This won't bring him down, it will make him sympathetic. A father denied, a tragic injured party yet again. At least in his own eyes, if no one else's. After all, wasn't it finding out about Ryan that supposedly brought about his miraculous redemption?"

* * *

Donna gets a threat, Cass tries to pull Felicia back from the edge, Lila propositions Kevin, Amanda bolsters Carl, while Jamie and Marley reach an understanding.

Plus classic Ryan and Jenna clips, and Part #3 of our exclusive interview with Kale Browne (Michael)!

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