Thursday, February 11, 2010


"So who shall we place in our Love Lottery this year?" Carl asked Rachel playfully as they lay in bed aboard a moored private yacht he'd chartered explicitly for the holiday. Between the people who usually lived there, and the ones who were just staying there temporarily — at last count: Lila, Jasmine, Marley, Bridget, Michele, and Lorna in the guest-house — the Cory mansion, big as it seemed, was much too crowded these days for any kind of intimate celebration.

The Love Lottery was a tradition Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins had started over a decade earlier in honor of the original Valentine's Day: Lupercalia, a Roman fertility festival wherein young, single women would put their names into an urn for the young, single men to draw out. The fated new couple was then obligated to remain together for a period of one year, at which time they could decide whether to marry or try their lottery luck again.

Rachel and Carl's version of the four hundred year old pre-Christianity practice didn't include an actual lottery. It was more a game they played between themselves, fancifully matching up the single people in their lives and making a Valentine's Day wish that they might find each other in the coming year.

It didn't often work, but the hopeless romantic in both of them kept hopefully plugging away....

* * *

Grant and Spencer nearly come to blows over the women in their lives, Sarah takes steps to neutralize Jen, Lila warns Jamie about Lorna, Cass gives Frankie her most romantic gift ever, Felicia holds Donna's fate in her hands - and you get to decide what she does!

Plus, soap opera at its finest: Three classic scenes - Grant attempts to seduce Vicky, Rachel and Lorna fight over Matt, and Lorna demands to know why Felicia gave up her baby - in today's classic clips!

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