Friday, June 12, 2009


On today's PGP Classic Soaps Blog time-machine powered by Hulu, travel back exactly two years in time, to June 12, 2007 in Oakdale. See Meg and Paul being kept apart by Craig (and Barbara proudly over-reacting about it), Katie in love with the wrong Snyder brother (while a newly returned Carly gleefully mocks them both), an unmarried (and much younger looking) Parker, and some serious child endagerment back on the farm. Click here to view the entire ATWT episode!

Meanwhile, over in Springfield, its June 6, 2007, and Josh comes over to Reva's place, telling her they have some "Unfinished Business," and he needs to reread their love letters, look at old photographs -- and spend the night. Click here to view this pivotal episode of Guiding Light (complete with classic Jeva flashbacks!).


nancyd said...

Wow it's hard to believe that picture is only 2 years old. Parker looks so young! Parker may be a brat these days but Mick Hazen sure made him one good looking young man in that tux the other day!

wheelswee said...

I miss Jeva on GL. So sad that they had that miswritten breast cancer story and broke them up a few years back. Jeffrey and Reva just don't belong together. Hoping for a Jeva reunion before the end.