Monday, June 08, 2009


Jodi Lynn O'Keefe certainly got off to a fast start in Hollywood. The actress landed the role of Marguerite Cory on the soap opera Another World when she was a sophomore in high school and was on the show for six years. Right after that she played Cassidy in all six seasons of Nash Bridges while also starring in films ike Halloween: H20 and the teen flick She's All That as high school hottie Taylor Vaughn. O'Keefe returned to the small screen in 2007 with her role of the devious Gretchen Morgan on Prison Break. The fourth and final season of the show just hit the DVD shelves this week on June 2 and fans of the hit Fox series will get some closure with the upcoming DVD movie Prison Break: The Final Break, which comes to DVD and Blu-ray on July 21.

Entire interview, here.

Editor's Note: Jodi Lynn O'Keefe played the role of Sandy and Cecile's daughter, Maggie, on AW for one year in 1995, not six as indicated above.

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