Friday, June 19, 2009


As Noah's dad prepares to head back to Oakdale, the PGP Classic Soaps Blog takes a look back at Noah's mom, Cheri, as played by soap vet Robin Mattson. Watch an episode from June 29, 2007, here.

Meanwhile, as we head into the paternal holiday weekend, check out the 2007 special Father's Day episode of Guiding Light, here. RJ wonders if he can still call Josh "Dad," Gus tells Alan about Rafe and prepares to spend his inaugural Father's Day as a parent -- in court with Rafe -- that is if he, Alan, Buzz, Jeffrey and Josh can spring themselves from jail first.


Mark said...

Please bring back Robin Mattson as Noah's mom! And I'm not even a fan of back from the dead stories! Or else make her Charlene's sister Ruth Mason. Robin is so awesome and I wish we could've gotten a scene between her and Jake.

Anonymous said...


I agree completely with your comment

wheelswee said...

Better idea yet, bring back Robin Mattson as Hope Bauer Spaulding for the GL finale!