Monday, June 22, 2009


Wow. That must be one heck of a great cooler.

Tell us what Emily and Larry are saying below!


carlitos41 said...

If I were an ATWT writer:

Larry: Hi! Emily....uh, nice cleavage!

Emily: I'm flattered you noticed! (Looks at the cooler) Are those my lost eggs??

Larry: Yes they are!

Emily: I'm relieved! Thank you for retreiving them. I still want a baby, so badly, but as you know, my mother's trying to talk me out of it.

Larry: She means well, you should know that. (pause) When your mother and I were married, she talked to me about how you were caught in the middle between her and your father. She mentioned to me she felt guilty and that the guilt never quite goes away.

Emily: I suppose. Look, I'd love to sit and chat, but I've got to get back to work, Lucinda has me on a deadline.

Larry: Alright then, good-bye.

Emily: Good-bye Larry, and again, thanks!

Lacon(Tom) said...

Emily: A heart? For me? I've never had one before!!!!!