Thursday, June 25, 2009


When launched at the beginning of May, we promised fans the chance to write their own Another World stories using their favorites characters.

Well, today is the day! NBC took Another World off the air on June 25, 1999. Ten years later, you get to continue Bay City’s story!

Here is how it will work:

1) Pick one character from anytime during AW’s run. The only restrictions are you may not pick a character who is officially dead in Bay City (i.e. Michael Hudson, Ryan Harrison, Sally Frame, Jake & Vicky McKinnon, etc…) or one who is currently featured in Another World Today.

2) Go to and register your character, complete with screen-name and profile (photo optional). A good example to use as a guide is the Guiding Light Twitter account of Mindy Lewis at

3) Sign up to follow This will be the hub.

4) Characters will be handed out on a first-come, first served basis. One you sign up to follow AWToday, if you are the first person to request a particular character AWToday will follow you back. That is how you will know that you are officially signed up. If AWToday does not follow you back and you see another account with the character you requested, that means they signed up first, and you will need to pick another character.

5) Once you have been approved, start Twittering! Tell us what you are up to now! Are you married to the love of your life? Any kids? Where are you working? Who are your friends? What drama, romance and intrigue is going on in your life? Give us a complete storyline!

6) Another World Today reserves the right to terminate any account if it is judged that your character is behaving inappropriately. (For instance, Alice Frame may not become a serial killer, Catlin Ewing may not suddenly turn into a Harvard educated investment banker, Iris Cory should probably not commence doing good deeds ala Mother Theresa – unless she’s playing an angle.)

7) Another World Today reserves the right to terminate any account that remains inactive for over two weeks, and give another user the right to play the character.

8) As this is an officially sanctioned continuation of Another World, all characters remain the intellectual property of TeleNext Media Inc. By participating you agree that no payment will be made for any material submitted, and that any work created for and on the site is the property of TeleNext Media Inc.

9) Harassment of another player will result in the immediate termination of your Another World Today affiliated Twitter account.

10) If a character being played in the Twitter version of Another World Today is, at any point, incorporated into the main Another World Today story, that character will be removed from the Twitter-based version.

If you do not want to play a character but simply want to follow the action of other players, click to follow under your own screen-name.

(Over the past few days, Twitter has been slow to update the follower/following status. Please give it about 24 hours to register. Thank you for your patience.)

NBC made June 25 an ending for Another World. Together, we can make it a new beginning!

Please join us!

(To view the closing scene from AW's last episode, click here and scroll down to the first clip.)

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wheelswee said...

Is GL going to live on in a format like this? Just curious.