Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Hillsborough author Michael Malone has written 14 books, including the critically acclaimed Savile and Mangum mysteries (“Uncivil Seasons”) and at least one authentic literary classic, his 1983 novel “Handling Sin.”

He probably attained his greatest audience as longtime head writer for the soap opera “One Life to Live” (and a briefer stint at “Another World”).

He even “co-authored” the thriller-spoof “The Killing Club” with “OLTL” heroine Marcie Walsh.

“The Four Corners of the Sky” has its soap opera-ish elements, but it’s more of a throwback to “Handling Sin,” juggling many of the same elements: a dying father, a picaresque hero’s quest, skullduggery and high comedy.

Fans should be overjoyed.

Entire review, here.

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