Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On June 30, 1952, Guiding Light premiered on CBS-TV. It replaced another Procter & Gamble show, The First 100 Years (profiled here.)

Six years later, on June 30, 1958, another P&G show, From These Roots, debuted on NBC-TV.

During its three and a half year run, the serial featured Ann Flood (later Nancy on The Edge of Night), Susan Brown (later Gail on GH), Henderson Forsythe (later David on As The World Turns), Robert Mandan (later Sam on Search for Tomorrow), Barbara Berjer (later Barbara on Guiding Light and Bridget on Another World), and future primetime stars like Charlotte Rae (Facts of Life), Richard Thomas (The Waltons) and Tony Award winner Vera Allen, who would appear on SFT and AW, as well.

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Greeneb said...

Also, Barbara Berjer played Claire Cassen (Emily's great-grandmother) on ATWT from 1965-1971 before she became GL's Barbara!