Thursday, June 04, 2009


Julianne Moore has starred in critically-acclaimed movies like "Boogie Nights," "The Hours" and "The End of the Affair."

She won a Daytime Emmy for her work on "As the World Turns" and has been nominated four times for Academy Awards, twice for Supporting Actress and twice for Lead Actress. And then there's that striking red mane.

Now she can add children's author to her resume.

"Everyone has different things they are afraid of," she told the crowd of more than 100 people gathered at Anderson's Bookshop Wednesday to hear her read from her new children's book, "Freckle Face Strawberry and the Dodge Ball Bully."

Moore's work continues the narrative begun in her first work, "Freckleface Strawberry," the story of a young girl's struggle to be comfortable in her own skin, freckles and all....

As customers lined up to get their books signed, it was evident that there were plenty of redheads in the house.

"It was cruel (growing up redhead)," said Larry Domark, who attended with his wife Claire and their redheaded infant son, Luke. "Especially for a guy."

Monika Pulgine, 19, the only redhead in her family, sat with her father Anthony, mother Dawn and sister Emma, all dark-haired.

"It (the book) made me laugh, because when I was little, I didn't like my red hair," she said.

Bianca Morin said she turned out "for a fellow redhead."

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Perhaps all those poor, oppressed redheads in suburban Chicago ought to consider moving a few hours across the state to Oakdale, Illinois, where they've seen many a redhead come and go... and none have been singled out for their ginger-haired status.

A brief photo gallery below:

There was Jennifer...

Margo and (strangely enough) her stepson, Daniel...

Will, who wasn't biologically related to Jennifer, but once had red hair like her, anyway...

Johnny, who at least has a genetic reason to be a carrot-top...

And, a long, long time ago, even Parker...

(To make up for the tininess of his picture, check out this interview about little Cole Kachelhoffer from 2004!)


Dusty said...

Parker and Will were both red-heads because Hal was a red-head.

The real question should be: why was Jennifer a red-head? Neither Babs nor Darryl had red hair.

TomarCarjack said...

Jennifer and Will ARE biologically realated - Barbara is their mother. However, they do have different fathers... I see the confusion.

I enjoyed this segment, though. I've always thought ATWT cornered the market on red-heads!!! :o)