Thursday, October 27, 2011


“We’re moving in with Alice,” Amanda said, seemingly proud of the fact, or at least proud of her ability to upset Rachel with it.

“Alice? Why would you – “

“She’s alone. Kevin and I want to help in any way we can. I’m sure you understand.”

“Understand,” Rachel repeated the word slowly, as if translating it from a foreign language. “You expect me to understand that yet another of my children has decided to turn their back on me in favor of Alice Frame?

“Alice is my family now, and she’s just lost her husband, a man that she truly and deeply loved.”

“Oh, please. They were married for less than a year.”

“Wow!” Amanda blinked at Rachel in disbelief. “That’s… harsh.”

“Alice Frame Harrison is not the first woman in history to lose a husband, and she won’t be the last.”

“Does that preclude you from offering her a bit of compassion? I remember Alice showing a hell of a lot more respect towards you at Dad’s funeral, despite having a perfectly good reason not to.”

“So that makes her a saint in your eyes?” Rachel demanded even as a voice in her head urged her to just walk away. “I am so sick of you and Jamie putting that woman on a pedestal while standing ready to toss my every transgression – real and imaginary – in my face at first opportunity. What did I ever do to either of you to warrant that kind of malicious betrayal?”

“Really, Mom?” The smile on Amanda’s face suggested that perhaps this question of Rachel’s was one Amanda had been egging her mother towards all along. “Are you really asking me that? You want to talk about betrayal? Okay, then, let’s talk about betrayal. Let’s talk about Carl...."


Rachel provokes Amanda into a fifteen years in the making explosion, Cass surprises Frankie, Donna draws a line in the sand for Jeanne, Allie defies political correctness, Lila offers Grant a warning while Lorna does the same for Morgan, and Cory comes to Jamie for answers about both his parents.

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