Thursday, October 20, 2011


“As long as you’re with Carl, I can’t have you around my kids,” Jamie enunciated each syllable with great care, looking Rachel in the eye, making sure there would be no mistaking his meaning – or his resolve.

“What about Lucas?’ Rachel shot back the first rejoinder that came to mind, the better to hold back the stabbing pain Jamie’s ultimatum caused. “He was just as deeply involved in Spencer’s death as Carl. Are you and Lorna planning on cutting Lucas and Felicia out of your lives as well?”

“Lucas didn’t set up a man to die while Felicia supported him every step of the way.”

“No, he only framed you for a murder that nearly left you spending the rest of your life behind bars! Felicia only backed up another man’s claim to your unborn baby so that she could have her aborted! You act like none of that ever happened, yet you’re punishing me for standing by Carl!”

“I’m not,” Jamie said quietly, any emotion that Rachel might have provoked as a result of her outburst carefully concealed beneath a stony mask. “I am protecting my children. Same as you just claimed to be protecting yours.”

“How dare you?” Rachel exploded, the guilt and penitence she’d arrived with turning on a dime to transform into equally guilt-fueled, resentful, defensive rage. “How dare you sit in judgment over me? I am your mother. I have always, always put you first. And the one time I don’t – “

“This isn’t about that.”


Rachel and Jamie finally lay their cards on the table regarding Carl, Frankie and Cass attempt to explain Zeno to Charlie, Grant presses Sarah to see the big picture, Jeanne stuns Dean, Lila and Doug confront Chase, and Kevin reevaluates his relationship with Amanda.

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