Monday, October 03, 2011


“Oh, do grow up, Marley,” Donna snapped, the pent up frustration which had begun with Steven’s insulting accusation and proved only partially assuaged by the stand-off at Rachel and Carl’s flaring up again with a vengeance. “I do wish you all would stop defaulting into attacking me in these pathetic bids to make yourselves feel better.”

“Exactly how many people do you currently see here?” Marley wondered, not bothering to wait for a reply before correcting, “If it weren’t for you – “

“You and the rest of Bay City would be happier, healthier, saner, with luxurious hair, a harem of men under your thumbs and a gaggle of perfectly-behaved moppets at your feet? I don’t think so. I have made my share of mistakes with you, Marley. I’ve made my share of mistakes with all of my children. But there comes a time when you stop blaming others and admit to your own failings, then move on.”

“Now who’s attacking someone else to make themselves feel better?” Marley smirked.

“At least I’m willing to take the licks and the hits, instead of hiding in here!”

“You hid in here as long as it suited you.”

“And then I left this place and I faced Felicia and Dean, Lucas and you, and everyone for the things I did. It’s time you do too. Your family needs you, Marley. Your girls need you.”


Donna tires of coddling Marley and hits her with some harsh truths, Cass and Felicia get the last piece of the Frankie puzzle from Zeno, Amanda confronts Allie regarding her latest lies, Grant attempts to provoke Jamie, and Rachel stuns both Matt and Jeanne with a pair of surprise guests.

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