Monday, October 10, 2011


“Your bride-to-be is certainly hot,” Dean offered, distinctively getting the sense that Matt wasn’t in quite the right frame of mind for the upcoming proceedings, and focusing on the one positive thing Dean felt he could say about Jeanne. “Your mom seems to like her. That’s a plus. Felicia and Lucas… I wasn’t exactly their favorite person, remember? Not like you, golden boy.”

“They came around. They realized you and Jenna belonged together till the end.”

“Yeah, well…”

“Aw, hell,” Matt snapped out of his own reverie to recall that there were other people in the world, ones who also had problems, and some a good bit worse than his, too. “I’m sorry, that was a – damn it, Dean, I wasn’t thinking.”

“That’s alright. You didn’t do anything to us, to me. Your ex-wife, on the other hand…” Dean trailed off. “I think now’s a pretty good time for me to tell you how happy I am you got that poisonous bitch out of your life once and for all. Got to level with you, man, if you’d decided to stick by Donna after what she did to Jenna and Lori Ann, I don’t know if I’d have been able to handle it. No, scratch that, I know I wouldn’t have. There’s forgiveness, there’s walking a mile in someone else’s pointy pumps, there’s trying to see everyone's point of view, blah, blah, blah… and there’s letting your own kid, and almost your grandkid, too, die just to cover your ass.”


Matt approaches the point of no return with Jeanne as Donna stakes her claim and Rachel does her best to undermine it, Spencer's death leaves a legal quandary for Alice, Grant and Jamie, Frankie tries to make Cass understand their true connection to Zeno, Lila smells something fishy, and Dean receives a surprising offer from an even more surprising source.

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