Thursday, June 30, 2011


When news broke yesterday about the death of Anthony Herrera, fan tribute sites soon filled up with clips of him in his most famous role, As The World Turns' James Stenbeck.

In addition to James, Herrera also played Jack Curtis on The Young and the Restless from 1975 to 1977, a sleazy college professor who seduced youngest Brooks sister, Peggy, because his wife was... fat (forget that the poor woman had turned to overeating in response to a devastating miscarriage).

In 1984, Herrera brought his particular brand of evil charm to Loving as Dane Hammond. Furious at being fired by Cabot Alden, Dane retaliated by bringing Cabot's illegitimate daughter, Shana, to town. When Cabot embraced his long-lost child, Dane put Plan B into effect, marrying Cabot's other daughter, Ann. Along the way, Dane learned - conveniently - that he was the biological father of Ann's adopted son, Jack, and attempted to establish a true father/child relationship with him.

It went about as well as James' overtures to Paul usually did. (Jack was so happy to hear he was the son of his family's greatest enemy that he went out and grew a beard, crashed his motercycle... and dumped his girlfriend, prompting her to marry another man.)

Below, watch the late Mr. Herrera in action as Dane in a series of ABC Daytime promos...

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