Monday, June 13, 2011


Jamie's voice trailed off and he frowned at Dr. Ng. "You're not going to do a C-section immediately? I asked Lorna's neurologist to send you her records weeks ago. You're aware of her circumstances?"

"I am," Dr. Ng nodded slowly, choosing her words with impeccable care. She snuck a peek at Lorna, who was, quite conscientiously, managing to avoid everyone's eyes at the same time. "You haven't filled Jamie in on your decision?"

"We've been busy..." Lorna hedged. "And I thought I had more time."

"I see." Dr. Ng offered, "I am going to step out into the hall for a few minutes so that the two of you can talk privately. Come and get me if you need anything."

"Thanks," Lorna said weakly, even as Jamie's mouth was already opening to demand, "What decision? What do I need to be filled in on, Lorna?"

She held up a hand, waiting for another contraction to pass, hoping to work the sympathy vote as she pleaded, "Just hear me out, okay?"

"I'm listening." He crossed his arms, body language not exactly radiating acceptance.

"Okay. So. First of all, you know how much I love you, right?"


"And you know that I would never, ever, ever do anything to put our baby in danger."

"I notice you didn't exclude putting yourself in danger."

"Raya thinks I should be able to get by without a C-section, or any kind of narcotic. Just an epidural."

"Raya Ng is not a neurologist."

"No. But, she's consulted with one. Several, actually. We both have. Their consensus was I'm not at that much of a risk."

"Everyone is at some risk during even the most conventional deliveries. Your blood pressure could spike without warning. I've seen it happen in women with no history of a brain injury. In your case, you could have a massive stroke. You could die, Lorna."

"Jenna died. She had a C-section because everyone — including you — recommended it as the safest option. And she died anyway."


Jamie and Grant receive unexpected sympathy from two very unlikely sources regarding the difficult women in their lives, while Matt struggles to pry a logical explanation out of Jeanne.

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