Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To cleanse my palate of the doomed depression expressed in yesterday's blog, I decided to hark back to my humor post of last week in the hope of cheering myself - and my readers - up.

The previous Wednesday, my husband and I went to see one of my favorite Stephen Sondheim shows, Company. It's the story of a thirty-five year old man (Neil Patrick Harris in this version; quite possibly the best Bobby I've ever seen) who has lots of girlfriends (including Anika Noni Rose, also a stand-out)... and no true love, and plenty of married friends to demonstrate the pitfalls of the latter.

The show deals with some very soapy topics, but does it in an often very funny way - and with music, to boot!

Below is my favorite rendition in all of time of the song, Not Getting Married, as performed by the late Madeline Kahn, proving, once again, that serious subjects can still be entertaining in the right hands....

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