Wednesday, June 22, 2011


To continue the comedy mood (and counteract depressive funk triggered by the 2011 Daytime Emmys), I am going to post clips featuring some of my favorite daytime funny moments from now until... I feel better.

Kicking off things is As The World Turns' Brad and Katie's 2008 wedding:

Got suggestions for soap scenes that made you laugh? Let me know in the Comments below (assuming Blogger feels like cooperating), and I'll do my best to track them down and post them!


teddymac said...

Katie and Brad's wedding is a brilliant choice. I think all my favorite funny moments on daytime are Katie-Peretti-related!

pauly2011 said...

Felicia and Wallingford crashing into tall boys on another world - and cassette losing his wig as Krystal lake are classics!