Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"What is it about funerals that brings out the tuna casserole in people?” DiDi wondered, gingerly taking her third one this week out of the microwave. She knew the oven mitts were around somewhere but wasn’t up to looking for them. She quickly plopped the steaming casserole dish on the counter and opened the silverware drawer to grab a spoon.


The warm, buttery noodles drenched in heavy cream with tuna, baby peas, Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of bread crumbs with a hint of nutmeg was just what DiDi needed… comfort food.

Thank God for the kindness of friends and the creamy goodness of tuna casseroles. They had both seen her through the last three days since Calvin Jr. had left to go back to New York. In that time, DiDi had barely been out of bed, and then, only to shuffle into the kitchen for another helping of tuna casserole. Sitting at the kitchen counter, she turned on the TV for company.

“What’s with all these court shows and game shows?” she thought, flipping through the channels. “Where are all my favorite soap operas?” Disappointed, DiDi hurriedly finished up her tuna casserole, putting the spoon in the dishwasher and the half-empty casserole dish into the refrigerator before shuffling back to the bedroom… where she had cable.


How will Didi handle the loss of her beloved Calvin (not to mention her beloved soaps)? And her best friends' attempt to 'help' with both?

Find out in the latest installment of Edge of Night Today! (Plus, a tuna casserole recipe!)


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