Friday, September 17, 2010


From the Atlanta-Journal Constitution's interview with 4-time ATWT Emmy Award winning writer Susan Dansby:

But what about the final show? Will she miss the characters whose lives she helped shape? Of course. And she knows fans will too.

"The opportunity to tell a story every day is wonderful," said Dansby. She is most pleased with her work with the characters Carly and Jack, a married couple. Their storyline ended Thursday.

"[Jack] thought he was the father of a child with his ex-wife, found out he wasn't, and found out his wife Carly is pregnant -- all in an hour," said Dansby. "Jack had a a lot of emotional stuff to deal with and I am glad I was able to take him through that."

She wishes the writers had had more time to resolve a crisis in the lives of Luke and Noah, a gay couple. Luke had fallen for a new man, Reid, but he was killed by a train "and it seemed wrong to rush him back into a relationship with Noah," she said. She said she will soon be helping fans write Luke and Noah's epilogue online.


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Laura said...

Susan Dansby is writing Nuke fanfiction?

Oh, man. The job market sucks.

Anne-Marie said...

It is an insult to LuRe fans if Susan Dansby is writing a Nuke epilogue. It is extremely disrespectful to even suggest it. It was bad enough making Luke & Reid fans suffer through a heart-breaking cop-out ending.

Erica said...

This NUKE fanfiction idea is unacceptable to me. I have already deprogrammed the CBS station from our house's TVs and have tallied the few P&G manufactured products we currently use but will never again purchase. The ending of ATWT's story of gay men Luke and Reid was unnessessary and homophobic. No happiness for them if they were not child-bearing and heterosexual.

Tirpse said...

I don't get why some people are so against SD writing something for Nuke. It won't make it canon, it probably won't be anything official. It will be something like fanfic. So what is the big deal?

Anthony D. Langford said...

Please don't act aghast that Luke/Reid fans are upset and insulted by this. If the situations were reversed Luke/Noah fans would behave the exact same way.

That said, I personally don't have a problem with it and I'm not a fan of the couple. If she wants to write some fan fic with the fans, more power to her, it's not like it changes the ending. Frankly though, the show is over, both sides need to let it go and move on. I still can't believe all this fighting over it.

UnlimitedJason said...

As a gay man and long time viewer of ATWT, I'm glad that Luke and Noah weren't rushed back together. I didn't like Noah and Luke together anymore than I liked Luke with Reid. However, As a fan of ATWT, I'm for anything that continues the world in some form or another. I follow the GL twitter and like it for the most part; though I could do a little less with it's interconnection with the AW continuation.

The landscape of the soap industry is changing and as a fan, I'm all for them continuing in some form or another.

Keep the World Turning...

kathattie said...

Is it a nice thing to do for fans of Luke and Noah? I guess. Is this why they killed Reid? His death was totally unnecessary and unacceptable. Why anyone thought Reid's death was a good idea is beyond me.

This whole idea of a reunion like this is rather undignified and unfair to all three characters. Luke and Reid would still be together if Reid was alive, so this makes Noah just a big consolation prize.

Luke came to the realization that Noah wasn't right for him and he was correct. Noah and Luke were never good for each other. Luke found unconditional love with Reid. Reid finally found love after closing himself off. That is what good drama and PAYOFF is all about. Not killing a good man, letting the true villains all live, and only letting one character be stuck settling with his first love. How depressing!

I ask...Where is the dignity and respect for these characters? It's certainly not in an epilogue for a Luke and Noah reunion only after and because Reid is dead.

I personally am glad that you kept Luke and Noah as friends. I would have preferred to see Luke and Reid together and happy at the end. I am very disappointed at the decision to kill Reid to begin with.

kathattie said...

Furthermore, I believe this is just in poor taste. You have already unjustifiably killed the character of Reid. I agree with some others that it's a slap in the face. Am I unreasonable and irrational for thinking this? Mayhaps, but I just feel it disrespects fans who liked Reid and Luke/Reid!

2A said...

I personally would like to see some kind of epilogue involving the characters of Luke and Noah. If you don't like the characters, you don't have to read it. It's as simple as that.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry, but it is in poor taste to have an epilogue for Luke and Noah. Especially after the show ran Reid Oliver over with a train. This sad, pointless death of this fan favorite is still fresh in our minds. Many of us feel as if it was nothing but a cheap ploy for shock value. I know Luke and Noah have fans, but many of us do not buy them getting back together, especially because it only happens as a result of Reid's death.

If you are going to do this, it's only fair that you have an epilogue where Reid is alive and he gets his happy ending as well(preferably with Luke). That way, fans can decide for themselves what they want.

Eva said...

I'm sorry that Nuke fans were cheated out of a reunion. But Luke and Reid fans were cheated out of a happy ending as well. Reid fans were cheated out of seeing him alive at the end of the show. We are still mourning him. Even though he's not real, it still was a punch to the gut. Luke and Reid were very happy before Reid died and Luke told Noah they weren't right for each other. No Nuke reunion will make sense. I would hope if you are going to have a writer from ATWT write a happy ending for Luke and Noah, then it would be nice for Luke and Reid fans to have the same benefit. You know, rather than playing favorites.

Max said...

It may be irrational, but the idea of Susan writing a Nuke epilogue does indeed feel like a slap in the face. I think the show portrayed quite clearly that Luke and Noah weren't right for each other, and Reid's death doesn't change that. The penultimate episode left the door open for Nuke fans to wank their own happy ending. That's what we all have FANfiction for. The Nuke fans would feel exactly the same way if roles were reversed; for them to get preferential treatment now is just unfair.

As a long-time fan of Luke Snyder, I hate more than I can say that the show left him alone and grieving. But the idea of him ending up back together with Noah, who Luke realized is not the right man for him, is something I hate even more. Please just respect ALL the fans' feelings and let it be.

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