Friday, September 17, 2010



Depsite Marina's warning her to keep out of the Colin/Reva/Josh/Mallet/Dinah situation with Edmund, Mindy decided to seek the help of someone she knew Rick wouldn't approve of... Cyrus.

Cyrus promised to help Mindy out, just as Mel arrived and demanded to know what they were talking about. Cyrus covered, and Mel gave Mindy a message to pass on to Rick: Stop raising a fuss at Leah's school about the shrinking gifted program; he's embarrassing their daughter!

Mindy came home, only for Rick to greet her with sad news: Gregory's funeral was scheduled for the following week. Should they go? Mindy wasn't sure. She couldn't decide whether Hudson would be a comfort to Allie and Gregory's family, or just a painful reminder of what they'd lost?

She called Allie to ask her opinion and learned that Gregory's parents don't even want Allie to be there; they blame her for his death. Allie, however, plans to go, anyway. (More on the drama in Bay City at:

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