Thursday, September 30, 2010


Allie insisted to GQ, "Hudson is happy where he is. Please don't take him away from Mindy and Rick. They're great parents. I even picked them in particular because Rick, his daughter from another marriage, she's half-Black, too. So Hudson will have a sister just like him."

"You think that's all there is to it? Just plop a kid in the vicinity of somebody the same hue, and everything's a-okay? There's a lot more to raising a Black child than — "

"Hudson doesn't even look Black," Allie pointed out. She thought she was being reasonable. The expression on GQ's face in response suggested otherwise. Allie elaborated, "And if he doesn't look Black, then all the issues you talked about before — "

"Hudson is Black," GQ corrected. "Just because he doesn't measure up to some Home Depot color-wheel notion you've got about what qualifies a person as African-American, that won't automatically negate centuries of culture and heritage."

"I'm sure Rick and Mindy — "

"Mean well," GQ finished for her. "Lot of people mean well. And a lot more don't. Someone has to teach Hudson to differentiate between the two."


Allie pleads with GQ to leave Hudson where he is, Lorna wins one, (almost) loses one, then finds the last one she expected, and Jen's confession leads Kevin to a family reunion - and an agonizing choice.

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