Friday, September 10, 2010



After Lizzie slapped Jonathan for suggesting she was a bad mother - and Sarah saw the whole thing, Jonathan grabbed his daughter and silently stormed out, leaving Lizzie terrified that he just might run off with her baby again.

Back home, Mindy asked Rick how Leah's first day of school went, and got an earful from Rick about how Leah's gifted program was being short-changed by the new Special Ed. classrooms and Rick's intention to protest - whether Leah likes it or not.

Figuring she'd waited long enough without saying a word, Mindy went to visit Marina to check on Mallet, Dinah, Josh and Reva's progress with tracking down Edmund. Marina revealed that Mallet told her they'd found Edmund... only Colin wasn't with him, and the deposed Prince swore he had no idea where Reva and Jeffrey's son was.

Edmund escaped from prison, but, before he did, he showed Dinah how he was keeping her foster sister, Dorie, under surveillance. If Mallet and Dinah tracked him down again, Edmund threatened to have Dorie killed!

As a result, while pretending to help Josh and Reva, Mallet and Dinah are actually deliberately misleading them.

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